Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Colour through the rain

Scrap Whispers Challenge #30 is to create a card or LO using pink and orange. This is not a colour combination I'd normally touch with a barge-pole, but having done it, I absolutely LOVE it! I'm not sure whether it's the colour or the design that attracts me, but I'll definitely be scrap-lifting this with different colours in the future.

DH took me to Hong Kong for a week's break over the New Year - aren't I a lucky girl?! It was boots-and-coats weather most of the time, which was a rather nice change from tropical heat, and very suitable for post-Christmas/New Year celebrations. We had some quite dismal days with clouds and drizzly rain, and on one of these days we took a walk through one of the central parks. Through the gloom and raindrops, these busy-lizzies were glowing with colour and I had to take their picture.

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Leslie said...

that is beautiful Rosey!