Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Where we live there are lots of gecko lizards, which the locals call chi-chaks because of the almost bird-like chirps they make. We were very surprised when we found them on the pest exterminator's list, but apparently many people don't like having them around. I suppose they do leave little presents which need cleaning up, but they're completely harmless and anything that eats mosquitoes has got to be good! Plus we think they're cute. Aren't they? Look at those little hands and feet!

We've had lots of these little visitors to our apartment. They don't stay long; a day or two maybe, then they're off finding food elsewhere. Some are up to 5" long, most are maybe 2"-3", and some are minute - less than an inch.

The latest little chap has stuck around for nearly 2 weeks now and is particularly adorable, because he doesn't show us any fear. It's a game finding his latest hiding place.

DH noticed him first in the bathroom when he was having a shower. A few days later he was still there when DH got out of the shower, and as we watched he trotted across the dark grey floor and hopped onto DH's foot! To his slight alarm, the gecko then headed up his leg before jumping onto the other leg, down again and into the corner. DH was charmed! Since then he's explored the whole bathroom, the lounge wall one afternoon, and he's spent the last couple of days in our bedroom. We slept badly the other night knowing that he was under the bed and worrying we were going to tread on him! Last night DH spotted him down the side of the TV cabinet (watching "TV"!)

He's now settled on the wicker laundry basket where he's pretty well camouflaged.

We're not allowed pets here, so this is the closest we can get.

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