Sunday, 14 June 2009

Blinkin' work

Everything's gone belly up at DH's work. The kit that was last tested in the UK, and that they've only just discovered is required here tomorrow, now doesn't work. Another piece of kit has failed with two intermittent errors that cannot be reproduced. It's been taken apart and is awaiting return to the UK, and now there are internal disagreements over who's going to pay the $$$,$$$ for it. And all the while, the customer quite rightly wants to know what's happening. It's an engineer's management nightmare.

Consequently, he had to work yesterday, and he's back in today. Grr. To make up for it, we were taken out last night for a steak meal by the engineer who has been out here for the last month trying to fix it. He's a sweet lad, and very helpful, very easy to get on with. He flies back to the UK tonight. I've got cheese toasties planned for tea - another of DH's favourites. I hope he manages to stay awake long enough to eat them.

The only consolation was that yesterday I got 60 chocolate chip molasses cookies baked, and managed to do some scrapping, and I have more to do today. I really ought to get the vacuum cleaner out, but eh... tomorrow will do. This is more fun!

This week's Scrap Whispers Challenge was to use this advert as inspiration:

And this is my take on it. I created the bottle montage in Photoshop Elements. The journalling spot is supposed to be like the blackboard at the club, and I had great fun distressing (translation - attacking with an old emery board) everything in sight - a technique that I haven't used before. I really like it!

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