Monday, 1 June 2009

Pathway to my Paradise

The Scrap Whispers Challenge #29 was "Special Places" - the place where we would be if we shut our eyes and imagined our favourite place.

This wasn't difficult for me. My favourite place has been Box Hill in Surrey ever since I can remember. After the lay-out was photographed and entered into the Challenge however, I decided to add some journalling behind the photo and a few other changes, so here is the updated page.

Box Hill, Surrey. 29th October 2008
This is a glorious autumn walk, a pathway leading to two of my favourite places; the parts of Box Hill known as Juniper Top and Happy Valley. At 8 years old I was taught to ride my first bicycle in the valley below on the cycle track. As children, my brother and I used to cycle 5 miles from home to watch the deer and rabbits in Happy Valley before church on Sunday mornings. From the hill-top you can see Juniper Hall Fields Studies Centre, where we spent our happiest and most informative childhood holidays. We wandered all round the area counting snails, badger-watching and hunting glow-worms, trapping squirrels with peanut butter bait, and collecting owl pellets for dissection in the lab. This was one of Dad's favourite spots in the Surrey Hills, and I always think of him when I'm there.

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you've got great talent girl!