Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dark, damp and dreary

Today began in a yellowish haze of rain, and it has been dribbling off and on all day. Often only enough to darken the ground rather than make it shiny, but I won't need the retic on. The dam capacity for Perth is down to 22.7% - about the lowest in the country - we need this rain so badly. More is forecast for the rest of the week, along with wind. It's a good thing I'm pretty up to date with the laundry. It was dark before 5:30 tonight.

The only thing to do on a evening like this when the man is away, is to snuggle up with lighted candles, hot soup, Antiques Roadshow on TV, and make Christmas cards. Even though it's the wrong time of year, the shorter, darker days jerk me back to Novembers in England and preparing for the festive season.

Thank you to Fab's Big Christmas Cards Challenge for satisfying my unseasonal appetite! The format is different this year. Instead of 1 card a week, which must have been crazy difficult to think up new ones, Fab is running monthly challenges, suggesting 1 card in January, 2 in February etc. If all of them are followed you should end up with 78 cards by Christmas.

I just couldn't get into Christmas when the temperatures were up in the 40s and the night-time temperatures didn't go below 30*c, but now I'm all ready to catch up, starting with my 5 for May, which has a subject of pastel colours and/or embossing. Here's one of them. I can show you the rest if you ask! Isn't that the cutest stamp?


Fabrizio said...

Yummmmmmy ! I love lilac and cute stamps ! Thank you for joining my Xmas challenge ! :) X Fab

sharon Ong said...

Hey Rosey!!!! You made my day saying hello on my blog! :) So nice to find you on the internet! And to see all these beautiful cards you make! I'll be popping in every now and then! And, yeah, someday, see you in Singapore yeah? :)

Squirrel x said...

We desperately need rain here too hun - despite the west of country getting some, it hasn't reached the east side yet and we are under real threat of crop failure because of the drought. Great card hun, just gotta love Fluffles! I've been thinking about Christmas cards, just done nothing about it yet, so well done to you for making a start. Hugs Sxx