Sunday, 15 May 2011

Scrap Whispers May Blog Hop

Hi everyone, and thank you for taking part in our monthly Scrap Whispers Blog Hop once more! If you've come here from anywhere other than Scrap Whispers, then please go back there and start again, and you'll see what this post is about - all will become clear.

Georgina is hosting the blog hop for May, and after all the activity of NSBD last week, she has combined something delightfully simple with your requests for new ways of using up scraps. Very cool! I followed the tutorial but to start with I got my twists too rounded and ended up with this:

The loops didn't sit nicely and the outside ones got squashed. I didn't twig what I'd done wrong, and decided to try another one with thinner strips of 1/2" and I got this:

Pretty and quite acceptable, but not like Georgina's, so I had a third go. This time I angled my loops so that each looked more like an elongated figure of eight rather than a rounded one, and bingo! I got this:

How cute is that! And having got the hang of it, and being the scraps-user-upper that I am, I'm going to experiment next on different sizes for my smaller scraps, because these little chaps are simply addictive. I'm thinking Stickles... inked edges... ribbon... stamps in metallic ink... oh sorry, where was I?

To find out how to make these gorgeous bows properly, go back to Scrap Whispers for the tutorial, whip up your own creation and post it on your blog. Then follow the links through the Design Team's blogs leaving some love on each. Don't forget to link back to in your post.

Scrap Whispers
Rosey (here)
and Sherri after a few Blogger problems!

We're missing Kimberly who is having a month off from blog hopping, and Helen who is in the middle of having new flooring fitted and has had to pack away all her stash - poor thing! Gah! Hopefully normal service will be resumed next month, and meanwhile we hope life, the universe and everything settles down for you girls.

Well I'll leave you all to fashion your own supply of gift toppers out of leftovers, because you won't be able to stop making these once you start. Link us up to your variations and show us your creativity!

P.S. You know in my last post I mentioned about that wet stuff which we've all forgotten about here? I can't mention it in case it hears me and goes away again, but it's actually coming down right now! And hard enough for me to hear without getting up and peering out of the window. Yay!

P.P.S. Edited to add: here's a tip for storing these little babies. Rather than putting them in boxes to stop them from getting squashed, put them in air-tight zip-lock bags. Blow the bags up so that there is enough space inside for the bows to rattle around before sealing them, then they won't get crushed in with the gift-wrap rolls.


li-bee-ti said...

Awesome bows! I love each one of them. TFS!

Georgina said...

I think your bows are so so pretty! great job Rosey