Saturday, 9 January 2010

Adding to my drawers

Did I post about altering my Kotex panty-liner box to use in my scrap room? No, I don't believe I did. Back last summer, Basic Grey had brought out their Lime Rickey range, and the scrap-booking world was making lots of very excited noises about it. I looked it up, and after drooling a lot while I waited for it to arrive in Singapore, I treated myself to a few sheets of those bright and beautiful colours.

The trouble was that it was far too nice to use! Everyone who works with these delicious papers has experienced the same angst, I know. How can I cut into something that pretty? What if I make a mistake? What if I can't get any more? And there's no way I'm using this for a gift - I want to keep it! So I kept it and carried on sighing over it every time I looked through my paper collection.

That is, until I emptied my box of panty-liners which was such a useful box and too nice to throw away, but you don't want something labelled Kotex in constant and obvious use, do you? Yup, two birds with one stone:

At Christmas DH took me to the new ION Centre and we found a bookshop with a craft section upstairs, and a wonderful range of the latest SEI papers. As DH was having a bit of a panic about "what to get you for Christmas", I generously chose some of these sugary delights for him to give to me. I'm nice like that. ;-)

And as another Kotex box had recently become redundant, it got the same treatment. Good thing too, because when I went back for some more, the shelves were bare.

You can't tell from these photos, but the pink stripes are metallic, and there is pink glitter on the butterflies. The plastic shapes are by Maya Road, and I coloured them with Copics. The blue cord on both boxes was saved from paper bag handles.

I have them piled one on top of the other in my craft room at the moment, holding all kinds of oddments that I use every day. Beautiful AND useful. Can't beat that.

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Michelle said...

you are awesome, I don't think ours come in such a cool box,